Attending A Modelling Open Call

wear at a modelling open call

It is important to note that all the casting agencies do not have the same look or same thing. Representation at a casting call can be splendid and stressful at a single time while preparing for modelling casting calls, make a point in your mind that always represent yourself accordingly as per each company’s preference. It is always necessary to follow to represent yourself on the company’s good side.

What to do at a modelling open call

While attending a modelling open call, you need to keep these tips in your mind.

  • Make sure that the agency holds an open call
  • Read all the related information and follow it
  • Show up yourself on the right day and right times
  • Go early rather being on time
  • Don’t bring a group of people with you
  • Dress wisely
  • Learn to wait
  • Have some fun

From the above tips, you learn a lot while a go see in modeling. But dress up is the most important & noticeable thing because your dressing scene can judge almost everything. So what should you wear at a modelling open call or what dress code should be followed?

What to wear at an open call


For females either sleeveless top or t-shirt with solid colour like black, grey and white works best. The collar of the top should not be too tight. There is no print or pattern om the top. No bright colour would be allowed.

For men, the t-shirt works best having a solid colour. It should be fitted and has no designs on it.


For females, Skinny jeans work best. You can also wear shorts if you have very beautiful legs. It should be of dark colour. Make sure it doesn’t have so many pockets or extra volume. Your jeans should be fitted.

For males, fitted jeans of dark colour


For females, wear heels. It can be classic pump or scrappy heels, nude black or grey in colour. It should be 3-4 inches high. Practice a runway before and make sure that your heels are not slippery. Avoid chunky heels.

For men, semi-formal shoes work best.

preparing for modelling casting calls


Don’t makeup your face too much because they need a blank canvas, which they turn it according to their requirements. If it is necessary for you to apply some then you can use a light foundation, a swipe of mascara, sheered coloured lip gloss.


Always tie your hair so that your face will be visible. Ponytail works best. Always carry your natural texture of hair whatever it is – curly, straight, wavy, etc.

For men, they can use hair pomade.


Your nails should look in natural texture. If required, then you can paint it in nude colour. Manicure your nails with a French tip. Your nails should be neat, clean and trimmed.

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